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ABOUT Hashiko Green Wheels
ERETROFIT India Pvt Ltd. owns the brand called “HASHIKO”
ERETROFIT India Pvt Ltd is the leading one stop shop for a range of technology products and as a solution and service provider. Our strong collaboration with international universities and research institutes have resulted into several innovative products which were developed since a decade. HASHIKO is constantly growing and is always looking for new challenges in the field of technology development.

We, ERERTROFIT India Private Limited have already ventured into the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra with their HASHIKO Brand Electric Vehicles, E-Bikes and Lithium Batteries. We are customized solution providers for all your requirements, be it for any Industry and OEM orders.

Corporate Social Responsibility is very much a part of HASHIKO, it is inherent in our daily chores, maximising the positive impact and minimising the negative impact which has been an intrinsic part of our organisation.

HASHIKO has always had a commitment towards the betterment of the environment and has dedicated workplace policies which reduce energy consumption and emissions.

ERETROFIT India is a Global Visionary Healthy Group of Business People” in togetherness have created a unique concept termed as “Human Centric Embedded Business Society” Heading the Business Promotion Globally. Brand HASHIKO was formed to focus on providing increased opportunities for our business partners by sharing technologies, products, information, facilities, personnel, and resources for development of the global business community.

ERETROFIT India attributes the Success of Brand HASHIKO to Mr Ebrahim Hashim who is responsible for Research & Development, Strategy Consultations, Product Development and completely spearheads all round growth and success of Brand HASHIKO.

ERETROFIT India has a wonderful strong team of well-balanced qualified Technocrats and Management Professionals to deliver stringent high-quality materials tailor made to the Industry and individual requirements which shall be delivered within the given stipulated time period and followed by effective after sales service.

ERETROFIT India Pvt Ltd is a Company which is a corporate force in the reckoning very soon to gather momentum and create a niche for itself in the Automobile World and the work has begun and continues to surge ahead.

“SELF-SUFFICIENT NATION’ by sharing Technologies, Products & Services.”
Our Vision
“SELF-SUFFICIENT NATION’ by sharing Technologies, Products & Services.”
To achieve sustainable growth with established vision and clear goals. Maximizing profitable returns to partners while being mindful of delivering quality products within available resources and with overall responsibilities and mutual trust. Producing a great product and ensuring total satisfaction to the customer and respecting human values which inspire the employees to give out their best.
Our Mission
"Applied knowledge is Power and Everything we do at HASHIKO is inspired by our enduring mission”:
  • To Inspire Moments of Optimism and inculcate the age-old tradition of profound beliefs through our brands and our actions.
  • To Create a utility product for Customers, Dealers and Distributors who associate with us through various indulgence and understanding on
  • Effective Product Campaign
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Creativity
  • Integrity and loyalty
  • Social Responsibility
Why HASHIKO Electric Mobility
Clean air in our cities

We need to clean up the air in our cities. Automobiles cause around half of the pollution in our cities. The pollution in the air mainly causes the various respiratory related problems like Asthma and bronchitis, which also continues to threaten our children and all the elderly people.


Electric vehicles cost less to operate than ICE based vehicles. The cost of charging electric vehicles is minimal compared to the cost of buying petrol for a vehicle. Even when you figure the cost of replacing the battery pack, every 5-7 years, the cost of owning an electric vehicle is still lower than that of owning a gas car.

Protect the environment

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons are released when fuel is burned in an internal combustion engine and when air/fuel residuals are emitted through the vehicle tailpipe. Electric cars produce far less greenhouse gas emissions than an ICE car.

Sense of independence

There is a great sense of independence while owning an electric vehicle, you are so much less dependent on all external related factors. An electric car, especially when coupled with solar panels at home for recharging, allows the total control over the source of energy used to power your vehicle. The power no longer lies in the hands of oil companies or the government but totally with the consumer.

Dependence on foreign oil

If we are able to plug in our vehicles, and use electricity that would be generated at home, we would enrich our economy by keeping that wealth here and using that money for much needed social welfare cause. So, if by electrification of our transport we ensure reduction of our oil imports by approximately 140 billion $ per year to approximately 40 billion $, which would result in a saving of around 100 billion $ every year.


Electric vehicles are inherently much more reliable than ICE cars. Petrol burning engines have hundreds of moving parts which all have the potential to fail at any stage. There are also many disposable parts in an ICE which aren't present in an Electric vehicle. Items such as oil filters, belts, air filters and so on are just aren't required for electric propulsion. In an electric motor only the rotor (1 part) is moving and typically the only thing that needs to be serviced is to replace the brushes every 100,000 km or so.