Electric Bike
Electric Bike Without License
Electric Bike Without License
HASHIKO promotes clean and energy efficient electric scooters for delivery of goods and passenger transport among private and public bodies such as delivery companies, public administration and citizens in all areas, School going students, as an alternative to “conventionally fossil fuelled” vehicles. Electric Scooters, light in weight, trendy, efficient and eco-friendly, are becoming potent alternative to the conventional automobile industries in the globe.

HASHIKO Electric Bikes engines are constantly improving in efficiency, reliability, power to weight ratio, torque output and price. HUB motors are considered as a future hi-end technology for higher torque output, bikes gears utilization, improved reliability, and proper weight distribution of electric components.
Have a look at the unavoidable advantages of Electric Bikes:
  • Peak Power up to 1000 W
  • Speed Limited.
  • Loading capacity 100 to 150 Kg.
  • License and registration are NOT required for Low Power Scooters.
  • Electric Scooters run on re-chargeable Lithium battery and uses electricity as fuel in place of conventional Petrol.
  • E Scooters can beat the rising prices of Petrol.
  • Simple design, light weight and economical Electric Scooter are very low in running and maintenance cost.
  • With the ease of handling, Electric two wheelers save the commuting time in congested roads specially in urban areas.
  • Electric Scooters are more efficient in terms of generating usable energy from their electric engine's battery in comparison to the regular fuel conversion. In this way E Scooters are innovative and efficient mode of personal transport.
  • Electric Scooters use electricity therefore no emission of harmful gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Peak Power
1000/2000/3000 Watt (Short time)*
Average 50Km to 150KM/Charge
Loading Capacity
150Kg to 250Kg
Speed Selections
Economy - 30 km/hr | Sporty - 50 km/hr | Turbo - 80 km/hr
Brake System
FR/RR - Combi-Disc Brake
48/60/72V DC Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)
E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System) with regenerative energy
Tubeless (Front/Rear)
Charger Specification
Advanced & Special LiFePO4 Customised Chargers
Charging Time
30 Minutes to 2 Hours
Front - Hydraulic Telescopic Rear - Double shocker with dual tube technology
Side Stand Sensor
Sensor Enabled - Vehicle will not start (Optional)
Stylish Aluminium Alloy Wheel
12 Months | Motor & Controller | 60 Months | Battery Lithium *
Colour Choice
Customised Colour Choice
Key Feature
Central Locking with Anti-theft Alarm, Keyless Entry, Find My Scooter Function, Mobile Charging USB Port, Motor Walking Assistance(Front/Reverse Motion)
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