OEM & Branding
OEM & Branding
OEM & Branding
HASHIKO Global Visionary Healthy Group of Business People” in togetherness have created a unique concept “Human Centric Embedded Business Society” Heading the Business Promotion Globally. The Hashiko was formed to focus on providing increased opportunities for our business partners by sharing technologies, products, information, facilities, personnel, and resources for develop global business community.
We design, manufacture and distribute affordable indigenous electric fuel transporting products. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and creating different territory brands. We provide centralized OEM manufacturing platform to all our customer for developing their own brand in their respective states.

Our organization should provide one stop solution for all OEM product design, development, manufacturing, quality control, logistical requirements for creating OEM brands and helping them to provide Seles strategies, distribution and marketing supports. Our global presence we can offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain for private labels. With access to a vast database of legitimate and capable German/Malaysia/China manufacturers and suppliers, we will guarantee success in India.

Our greatest assets in Global manufacturing are us on the ground presence of highly skilled operatives, network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers and wide-ranging experience in a vast array of different products and manufacturing processes.

We have the ability to deliver supply solutions and manufacturing services that match the quality standards of the best in the World. Our range of services include:
  • Concept to product Solution provider (End to End Solutions)
  • Technology development
  • Customised Solution provider
  • Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Solutions
  • Risk Free Product Supply
  • Full Project and Factory Management Services
  • Onsite Quality Assurance and Control
  • Supplier Verification and Factory Audits
  • Logistics Coordination and Support
  • In-house Product Design and Development
  • Prototyping Solutions – including the latest 3D printing techniques
  • Laboratory Testing and Product Certification to Internationally Recognized Standards
  • Access to a vast network of reliable China manufacturing companies and service providers
  • Affordable sourcing of raw material, products and services from local vendors
  • Market consultation and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Team of educated and experienced, Mandarin speaking experts to support your market dealings
  • Private label manufacturing and project management support
  • Tooling and mould creation support
  • Marketing/Sales strategy and brand development supports
  • Technical Training and Supports
  • Building understanding and raising confidence in Electric Vehicles technology among target groups
  • Testing and analysing Electric Vehicles technology
  • Info days (as first step of implementation of an action plan)
  • Development of policies in form of an Action plan and strategy that will boost the Electric Vehicles usages.
  • Evaluating off existing Electric vehicles and suggesting the modifications by applying the best practice along with transfer of know-how and our experience.
  • Collaboration with other International project with similar goals.
We provide one stop solution for all product design, development, manufacture, quality control, logistical requirements for creating OEM brands and helping them to provide Seles strategies, distribution and marketing supports.